Wedding Ceremony

Wedding ceremony is an important part of your wedding. As this is the most special day in anyone's life, each of us wants our wedding function to be unique and memorable. There are different aspects of wedding function that need to be addressed properly to make this event a special one.

When you start planning your ceremony for wedding, begin with short listing the venue because you have to plan everything according to the theme like decoration, location, food, wedding singers etc. If you are going for traditional ceremony for wedding, then you have to follow certain procedures. You should consult with the church authority regarding your marriage ceremony. However, if you have an informal or causal ceremony, you can be more flexible with the procedures. Before you get into the mood of marriage do not forget to keep certain vital documents handy. Papers such as address proof, birth certificate and marriage license are often reviewed by the registrar just before the wedding starts.

Next you have to decide a location, date and time of the marriage ceremony. For traditional or religious marriage you need to book a location in advance especially if it is being held in the wedding season. For a non religious wedding ceremony, you need to make an appointment well in advance to avoid the rush.

Marriage ceremony is very special day for both bride and groom. On most important day of your life you want to look most attractive and beautiful. You should already get prepared for the wedding dress, make-up and hairstyle of bride etc according to the theme. Book these vendors on time by making advance payments and go for at least 2 trials to fix your look for the day.

Finally you need plan for your wedding vows. Wedding decorations, songs, reading, and program are other different elements of wedding ceremony.

Prepare a checklist in order to plan a perfect wedding function. Though your ceremony will differ in rituals according to your faith, some of these factors are to be considered commonly. You can also add some things according to your requirements. The checklist is as follows

With proper planning and execution, you can make your marriage ceremony a memorable event, which you will remember for the rest of your life.